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How to Stay Motivated (Part 6) - Keep it Fun & Enjoyable!

Keep it Fun & Enjoyable!

Waking up first in the morning, cooking and eating your breakfast, taking a shower and wearing your clothes for the day, commuting or driving your vehicle and getting stuck in heavy traffic for hours, and finally studying or working for hours then went back home. The exact routine for tomorrow and the other day, and so on. Isn't it too exhausting doing the same routine again and again, and nothing changes?

Doing the exact thing over and over can get too boring for someone and most of the time this is the root cause of losing motivation to do your tasks. Most of us are likely to get fed up with systems without any changes or even improvements as time went by. It is hard to be motivated all the time under this kind of system, especially when the high officials or assigned personnel do nothing to make changes.

As for me, I would rather resign from the organization than staying in a toxic environment wherein it also affects my mental state. It is not healthy for us to stay in a toxic environment as it injects negativity into our body causing us to be toxic too. However, if your study space or workplace is great and the systems are in control with positivity then you are in a right place.

Although how awesome and great your study space or workplace be, if you still lack motivation, it is nonsense. If this happens to you then you, yourself, need to make a change. Make your tasks fun and enjoyable!

For instance, you are reviewing your notes for the upcoming exams, and you seem to be struggling to remember all the information. Though you know to yourself, you like to play puzzle games, and it gives you enjoyment whenever you play it. Then why don't you try to treat your notes like puzzle games? That way, your brain can easily memorize the information, and you get to enjoy doing it!

Let's always find a way to make our tasks fun and enjoyable all the time, so that we will not be stressed out and unmotivated to do and finish it because being undriven to do your tasks will not do any good.

Get up and continue fighting because you are the only one who can make a change for yourself to be driven and motivated. You never know, you are also making a change to other people's lives and in society. Keep going, bud! We will get there at the right time.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨


  • Kyungg
    Feb 02, 2021 16:21
    Good post!