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How to Stay Motivated (Part 5) - The Power of Deadlines

The Power of Deadlines

Our time in this world is only borrowed. Once it is wasted- it's gone and you can't back it anymore. As for me, I think it works the same way as finishing a task. Setting and following deadlines is another great way of motivating yourself to finish and accomplish the tasks. Deadlines as well, give importance to your tasks not to be taken for granted because most of us are procrastinators.

Setting and following your deadlines is a great practice of being accountable. It simply means turning or passing a particular task at a particular time. However, failure to meet the deadline can be held you accountable for it. It causes delays in the operation of a certain company or your teachers and instructors to pass their tasks just because you didn't pass your work on time.

Worst, it might cause the company you're working at the discontinuance in its operation and to shut down permanently. Followed by the termination and cessation of all of its employees including you and the unemployment rate of the country will once rise again, knowing it is hard to find a job nowadays. It will continue, effects after effects, as the problem gets larger and larger and can no longer be controlled.

Setting deadlines is also a great way to get yourself to stop procrastinating. Without procrastinating, you will be able to finish your tasks on the set deadline and at the same time, you didn't waste any of your precious time because time is limited. As soon as you finish your tasks, you can do whatever you want. For other big projects you are working on, the deadline helps you to continue to take action and stay on the course of whatever you are doing.

Successfully meeting your deadlines can build your credibility as a person. Not only it gives you credits but also the happiness and joy of completing your tasks. Having said that, you can accomplish many more of your tasks, no matter how big or small it is when you are following your deadlines and not just setting them. As you finish them, always remind yourself you are one step ahead of reaching your goals.

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