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How to Stay Motivated (Part 4) - Do it Now!

Do it Now!

Procrastination, as defined by Oxford Languages, it is the action of delaying or postponing something (sometimes to the last minute or even past the deadline). Most of us, students and teenagers, are much likely to do this. Especially when we have tasks to do and it is related to school works and activities, house chores, and everything we do. This is most undoubtedly to happen when a person lacks motivation.

The best key to defeating the delay of your tasks is to identify which group of procrastinators you belong to, not just having the motivation and being motivated. When you find which kind of procrastinators are you, it is much easier for you now to identify which causes the delay. What actions you should do to avoid it and what are the best solutions to solve the problem.

There are four types of procrastinators characterized by Ali Schiller and Marissa Boisvert of the co-owner of Accountability Works. (You may check their article published in the website of Business Insider, the link is at the end of this article.) 

Firstly, the Performer or what we called the Active Procrastinators. They are the ones who delay their tasks on purpose because they feel more challenge and motivated working under pressure. However, research says that no one performs better under pressure. It affects and decreases our decision-making, emotional management, and other key faculties.

The second is the Self-deprecator or the Passive Procrastinators. They are the ones who delay their tasks because they don't know where to start. They are commonly called "the lazy" ones because they don't do the tasks. However, they are actually the opposite of lazy. What they really need is to be more passionate about what they do, because being passionate can motivate you and drives you in finishing your tasks.

Third, the Overbooker. They are the ones who are pro at filling up their calendars with their tasks and feel overwhelmed after seeing all the tasks they have listed resulting in finishing nothing. You can mostly hear them say, "I'm busy," but the actual busy people can finish loads of tasks. Using busyness as an excuse rather than admitting they actually don't want to do anything.

Lastly, the Novelty. They are the ones who expectedly say they have new and best ideas but probably to get bored in a matter of days after coming up with their idea. They have this terminal case of Shiny Object Syndrome, in which instead of staying focused on what they are doing, it is the course of someone to chase something new— an idea, trend, or goal, as defined by Celes of Personal Excellence.

After finding out which procrastinator you are, find the best way solution you could get, and get yourself back in the course. Do not make any excuses and waste time again and again, and start doing it now! As the saying goes, "The best way to begin something is just to begin."

After all, other people's advice and the solutions and keys you found on the internet is useless if you will not mark it on your brain. Unless you are really determined and passionate to do and accomplish it. Hold on to your boat and continue to sail it. Keep going and never stop on your journey until you reach the finish line! If you reached it, take my advance greetings on your success!

- nekkooolai 🖤✨

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