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How to Stay Motivated (Part 3) - Understand Your Why

Understand Your Why

In the midst of pandemic and various crises happening around our world, we have lost our interest and eagerness for the things we used to do no matter how much we love it. With these present circumstances, it is okay to lose our motivation. To live through the feeling of uncertainty, incertitude, and disquietude.

Still, we have to move forward in our lives and continue living as if nothing is happening. As we get back from being stumbled upon, we have to remember our whys' to motivate ourselves. Remember and understand why am I doing this, why do I have to do this, and for whom am I doing this. 

We have to look back from the past, from where we started our journey, to understand the present. We have to see or even take a glimpse and comprehend our objectives of what are we aiming for, to motivate ourselves and continue the fight! Looking back from where we started is beneficial. There is value in looking back. It is not stupidity and cowardness looking back like what the world dictated and instilled in people.

Understanding what is behind your why— your purpose of doing things, and being clear of what you are working for can give you energy and the motivation to stay on the course of the path you are walking. As you walk with through it, always let Him walk with you because He knows where— the right and wrong path you are walking to.

After all, what we want to achieve is a success. However, we cannot reach it being unmotivated and undriven to the things we have to do. So, get up and go back in your boat, sail it! Keep going and never stop fighting until you reached your finish line!

- nekkooolai 🖤✨