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How to Stay Motivated (Part 2) - Do Things that Interest You

Do Things that Interest You

Being and staying motivated all the time is not easy. There are times that some things will weigh you down regardless of how powerful and strong you are. Lack of motivation to do things will result in accomplishing nothing, despite how much we love what we are doing.

Especially, during this time of pandemic and different catastrophes and crises happening around our world. We don't know where to find any motivation to keep ourselves going and to function again, just like how everything works before this. The fire within me, that drives and supports me is slowly fading out as it turns into ashes. Without me being aware of it, I was already swallowed by darkness, and the ashes were blown away by the winds.

As I look, dig, and hunt for any motivation that I could possibly get, I came across a series on Netflix— The 100. There was a motto uttered in the series by Becca Pramheda, "From the Ashes, We Will Rise." I knew and realized right there and then, I can rise from my ashes as well, and I will!

I, then realized what I am doing back then was not the things I love about. It is not my passion, it is not my dream. I only chose it because I was lost, lost and trying to find myself out of everything. It turns out, that fire was not meant for me. It was for somebody else, somebody who can keep the fire without even trying.

As I look back, rewinding events from the past. Searching and looking for answers, reflecting on the advice from people I know, which I brushed aside and disregarded. Little by little, I was able to put myself back again on the course. Setting my goals, changing my habits, discovering things I didn't know I could do although I have a bit of experience from it, and the most important is I enjoy doing it.

With this, doing the things that interest me keeps me motivated and driven to everything I do. Although sometimes I still lose my motivation, at least I know now how to keep going. Because doing the things that interest you, makes you happier and contented without the feeling of being always force and pressure. The happiness it brings is ten times the usual and much more different.

If you lose your fire, always remember that from the ashes you will rise again! Keep and never stop fighting! And always believe in Him because He is with you in your every battle, all the time!

- nekkooolai 🖤✨


    Dec 02, 2020 21:34