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Marvie Alinsub

How to Manage a Social Media Campaign in 2020?

Are you one of those businesses used to spend thousands to millions of dollars in marketing? Putting your products or services on the radar of your target market?

Good news for you, technology  is changing marketing tactics. We don’t have to rely on print ads, TV, and radio anymore. The power of social media and the digital space is HERE. We can now start running campaigns without having to sacrifice most of our budget. Lucky for you, I’ll teach you all the elements you need to run a successful campaign. 

Read More here: https://masocmedservices.wixsite.com/quianmedia/post/how-to-manage-a-social-media-campaign-in-2018


  • Nicole Anne Alonzo
    Oct 12, 2020 20:56
    thank you!
  • Anime Feels
    Oct 12, 2020 20:31
    Thanks for this!!! Helpful