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Agatha De Borja

How To Grow Your TikTok As A Beginner Based On Personal Experience?

       This article is dedicated to those who are just starting and want to begin growing their own TikTok. I have been on TikTok for 3 months and it's going well so far. When I first created my own TikTok account, my original intention was just to have fun with it. In the beginning, I still desired to grow the wanted amount of views and followers but as a way to test my ability here in this app. In my personal opinion, the reason it almost grew in less than a week was due to the way I saw myself or my confidence. It's all about mirroring. I also dedicated to create more videos and enhance my creativity each time. None of my videos necessarily viral yet. Some of my most viewed videos have been over from approximately 2000, 3000 to 5000. Out of all the videos that I created, the most-viewed ones only make up 10% to 20%. My recent most viewed video has about 10,000 views. I'm simply going to share my tips and advice based on my personal experience. Let me do it step by step. Here are the following: 

1. Believe in yourself
This is the number #1 piece of advice that I must tell you because this has been the basis of my so-called 'small success'. Obviously, I'm not in the end goal yet and I just got started. As long as you believe you can make it to the end goal without or without confidence, you can still make it. With confidence and self-belief, makes a difference and makes all things easier. It can definitely shine through the process and outcome. I highly suggest that you should do two to three "exaggerated" positive affirmations in relation to your TikTok goal. By "exaggerated" affirmations, I mean phrases such, "Wow, why am I so famous in TikTok?", "I'm the best content creator or influencer out there", "I have millions of followers and likes", "Why I have always put viewers on a pedestal?". These exaggerated affirmations are more effective and possibly faster including the word usages such as "why am I", to put on a pedestal, millions of likes, "the best at this..."..., etc. Personally, I only used exaggerated affirmations recently.

2. Pick a niche.
I would suggest you pick a niche for yourself so that you will grow your own fanbase and that you will be remembered by the audience for something. Be as original as possible. Are you about food, reaction videos, comedy, art, anime, DJ? There are so many niches. If you still struggle to find out, you can test by doing different types until you can find one. It was only recently that I found one. Why is that? I just did it now. I could have done it earlier. Like I had a different intention in the beginning.

3. Use hashtags in your videos
 For example, if your video is about comedy, then put #funny, #comedy, or any other popular related hashtag (which you will eventually see). If your video is about a current popular trend at the same time, put popular hashtag trends about this topic. If you want to use #foryou, #fyp, and #foryoupage, you may do that even though they are becoming useless as billions of more people continue to do that. The purpose of hashtags is for the audience to have more direct access to see your videos instead of having them left behind other anonymous videos. 

4. React/Duet, Dance, Or Do The Challenge In The Current Trending Videos To Gain Views And Followers
A great way to grow TikTok is while you remain yourself in your niche, constantly duet with trending videos at some point. This is usually the easiest way to gain views along with hashtags. For example, there used to be a dance trend of the famous song, 'Savage Love', you would either record yourself dancing solo to the song with the same small choreography or you do it along with another video via duet.  Either duet or solo, it's still helpful. Make sure that the video that you duet is also trending. How can you tell if the video is trending as much as possible? It's in the For You section where you can see the most popular feeds. It doesn't need to be a dance. It can be simple trending challenges either solo or duet with one of the popular videos. You can even duet by simply reacting to a trending video that is funny, interesting, or mindblowing instead of copying someone's dance or silly actions. 

5. Passion
Obviously, you need to love what you do, otherwise, why are you doing this in the first place?

6. Patience
You need to persist in your faith. Don't worry, if you cannot see the results immediately. Be patient. Never worry about how and when you will get there. Just do your best. 

6. Lastly, don't make it only about views and likes.
Remember there needs to be a meaningful purpose of growing your TikTok. We are all unique and original in our own ways. You have to be known and remembered for something specific. Once again, your videos shall be remembered. Most of the time when you first get started, ensure that your videos are truly engaging, and make sure that your videos are either related to the trends or eye-catching (to make it more original and to come up with better ideas). Duet or not. At the same time, be original in most of your content.