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Alliah Adap

how to glow up? pt.2

so here is the first chapter of the story I've made, basically the part 2 of how to glow up. if you haven't read my post "how to glow up" check it out on my profile. hope you get a lot of lessons in this topic.

"golden hour"
I never used to have anyone around me. they are all scared of me and I don't know why. 
I'm always seeing myself, it's me, but a different one...
how can I be brave enough to let him cover me.
he said "call my name and I'll show you who you really are" but.. he's really strong and uncontrollable. he's like out of his mind. once I called out his name and he started on attacking those people whom are trying to protect me and said "don't trust them. they're planning something against you." and then just disappear out of nowhere.
w-why do I f-feel like I'm his burden? 
this can't be. I have to to something. I'll figure things out by myself. WAKE UP REIIII!! I have to figure things out so I can help Ali find our self. 

(//Ali's POV//)
/chuckles inside; start growing little star and let the whole world see you shining. I'll just stay here and watch you grow. I know you can do it. shine little star. I'll still be in your heart even you can't hear me. I'll let you go on your way and be your own savior. /disappear out of nowhere;

so that's the first chapter of golden hour. if you like this story. please consider sharing this article to your friends and let's all grow together as one. THANK YOU!