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How to give authentic living permission?

Why can't we allow ourselves to be who we are? Being imperfect and dumb, weeping and experiencing pain, failure and no fear to be laid behind, to not satisfy and seek other people's acceptance, embrace the "mess" and expose the "messy"

Since we were young we have been shaped to ask other people for permission, so why don't we use the same strategy to allow us? 

What keeps us from choosing those that change our lives? Why are we hesitating to be who we are? Why not unleash your full strength and gain our true effectiveness?

Our minds are so geared toward others that they are eager to be somewhere else! It feels like a struggle to make decisions, to determine what is right for us or what will really make you feel disconnected from society and the family.

It's not only a matter of choosing to change lives, but also to embrace something that hurts and does not feel right.

It's about finding a place to sit back and realize, "You're not happy or satisfied with your present life! " This gives you new perspectives for strategies that can help you repair your emotional plate!

Since we feel so protected, we hide our true self behind the everyday illustrations. We don't want others to see us as frail and helpless. So, we just say we are fine!

It affects our mental well-being and is not about our physical well-being! Stress management techniques and positive feelings can track our mental well-being, but it is also vital that your feelings are heard and cared for!

We need to remember that we slow down and breathe life when people and situations strike us. One day, we should be permitted not to rush and accept the changes that are happening to us, and to go through each section of the life! We should be permitted!

We are both fighting and struggling with our own living. What if you were allowed to appear in a mess because being some form of mess is part of being human! Let yourself laugh, laugh loudly, sob, fall apart, crumble and get up again, when you need to struggle.

Give yourself permission to go too far and to live your dreams in a new and special way. Allow yourself to make mistakes, make mistakes, learn and grow. You are "imperfect."

How you want your life to be, you have a choice. "Your life is your own." Therefore, let nobody decide for you.

We have to be cool sometimes and leave behind the storm with us (which makes us behave strangely sometimes)!

Here are some easy but effective practices for life, for confidently and comfortably pass through life –

1. Offer your own imperfect permission

Feel and initially cure the negative emotions. Do not avoid negative remarks and opinions. Take courage from them because soon you will bring them to success in your experience/learning. Pay less heed to other people's views. Be mindful about who today you are and what tomorrow you want to be. Yes! Give yourself permission to be named anything but a perfectious one—even if your thoughts and acts are paralyzed by knowing 'you.' Let yourself be 'I do not know.'

2. Enable yourself not to feel lovely

Often let your skin appear under your make-up! Feel the real thing in the crowd that you are. Enable yourself to feel occasionally under the weather. It's okay not to feel like everyone! Relax and slowly take it down!

The path from pimples to wrinkles should be reversed and all of your wonderful experiences and learning reflect upon. Reflect on your learning and discoveries in all these years and the degree to which you have come to take full advantage of every experience!

3. Enable yourself to be a messy person

Enable yourself to be unhappy, broken, sad, angry, terrified, jealous, tiresome, incomplete, frustrated. It's okay for a few days and not in the perfect way to be about your emotions! This means that you loosen all the controls "subject to either you or society", and often you give yourself permission and the courage to be completely messy!

4. Enable yourself to be available to you

Be there to fulfill the requirements. Avoid places, people and activities, which will not make you feel happy or well, and will rob you of your joy. Avoid pushing yourself or everything to be present everywhere. Please pick your acts.

Human beings "especially women" are wired first and then care about themselves to meet everybody else's needs! Yet we still have to fulfill our physical and emotional needs! Invest yourself very often and avoid being available to everyone.

5. Give yourself where you are

Right now, be at peace where you are in your life. It is okay and very normal sometimes to be upset, confused, and angry, but try to bring your actions into line with your feelings. Note, you alone are best aware of and how to do what you want from life — a constant process of risk learning. Try every day to do something new and different that would make you feel stuck and confused each day.

6. Enable yourself to be childlike

We get alienated from our creative and imaginative abilities as we get older. We have little time to become curious or to explore! So, our childlike curiosity disconnects us. But we have to note that we are always imaginative, able to imagine and create wonderful things.

Enable yourself to be lost with your imaginative efforts. Keep on and enjoy the moment after the results, be pitiful, imaginative, carefree, experiment, explore and play, and be very much right now.

7. Encourage yourself to be happy with you

Enable yourself to be relaxed with the way you present yourself to the world! Try not to change your mind, or to be loved and accepted. This is a nice way of people and you will never love you and embrace you as you are.  With the passage of time your tastes will change and your true attitude will drive you away again!

Just be real, and encourage the world to welcome you "without any filters," without offending and judging you! This is where true bonding can occur. Find the 'group,' and don't compromise or settle for anything that isn't worth it.

Don't waste your lives trying to fit in! Don't waste your life! For a number of years we have been doing this and  now we are alone. We know that we have that integrity and the value for everyone else in this world, so take you anywhere, whether you like it or not! Show yourself  honestly at least.

We just want to belong, to connect, to feel safe and to believe that we are all right, that if we present ourselves in a messy, imperfect way, there is nothing wrong with us.

Notwithstanding how hard you try, the people the world wants you to be cannot be! Therefore, grant yourself permission to be real, fall apart, and pick yourself up as a warrior, rather than being 'perfect!'


  • Kyungg
    Jan 27, 2021 11:52
    Great post. Thank you!