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Vincent Bongolan

How to get a job as an Article Writer even if you don't have further related degree or experience

좋은 아침 (joh-eun achim).
Good morning.
Magandang Umaga.

Can you able to decipher the real intent of these greetings? Can you able to know what I am trying to imply why I greeted you in different languages?

Few months ago, I said in an article that sooner or later, you do not need to take up further course in Computer Science or Information Technology to be able to build a program or application. You do not need to take up Technology related courses to become a developer or programmer because Technology is here to help us perform this task with a lot of convenience. Technology is making our life a lot easier and that is because of the Artificial Intelligence. 

For instance, you are working in a Marketing Company, and you are advised to do a Sentiment Analysis to understand the views and sentiments of the people about your brand, about your products and services. To do so, it is expected that you should have enough knowledge in Programming such as Python. Performing Sentiment Analysis using Python requires familiarity in different libraries necessary to perform Sentiment Analysis. This kind of task was only for people who have prior skills and competencies related to Computer Science, Technology or Analytics. This kind of task might be impossible to perform by people who have different specializations and skills set, let say people with background in different areas like Health and Medical, Tourism or Psychology. 

But that is Traditional Process and expectations. Because of the Advancement in Technology and utilization of Artificial Intelligence, life is becoming a lot easier. Time will come that you do not need to write a complicated programs and script to do Sentiment Analysis because Technology itself will be doing it for you. All you need to do is to paste the content, the feedback, the reviews, or comments subjected for Sentiment Analysis. Let the Artificial Intelligence Algorithm works for you. 

In summary, you do not need to learn Python, or IBM-SPSS MODELLER and the like to perform a Sentiment Analysis. I will be discussing in this Article the platform I am using to perform a Sentiment Analysis that does not require a programming skill. It does not require you to know the SPSS-Modeler or Python Programming. 

This is the message that I want to convey from my greetings using different languages. 

There is no need for you to take up related courses before applying to certain job that is not within your expertise and specialization