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Jorge Tao-on

How to find your purpose?

I grew up in a life where everything is achieved through hard works and extend your full effort. I know I may not be the only person who lived a life that I would like to share, but for me, it is something to feel good about because most of you could relate to my circumstance. 
We are a huge family.  As the youngest with six siblings and my father as a farmer and a mother as a plain housekeeper really pushed me to do something to pull out my family in a poverty-stricken situation. It was not easy, to begin with, because everything that I wanted was earned and all was a  privilege. It even came in my young innocent mind to question the life I had before that why would I see and experience poverty first hand. However, at a young age, it opened my eyes to the vision of a life that has full of hard work, determination, and a creative mind to achieve my needs and my purpose in life. Moreover, it helped me to gain an aspiration to work as early as I could because I grew up in a setting where I  have to be bombarded with different forms of battles, financially, mentally and my dreams in my parents, siblings, and myself. I started everything with a dream. A dream that filled my young mind to be motivated and to be inspired to lead a journey for my family. At that time my bones were trembling and my body was in pain as I had to shoulder the future I dreamed about. I performed well in school for I know that it would be a great avenue for the good opportunities to follow. And it went according to the plan by His will. I graduated from my primary education with high honor, thus it helped me to have a scholarship until tertiary.  Almost 5 years in schooling, I finished college with a Latin honor and again helped me to open doors during in my review to pass the examination for teachers. By the Grace of God, I passed it last September and now teaching in a private school here in our city.
The journey I went through was not as easy as you can imagine. I walked couple of miles away to be in school, however, my dreams fuel me to keep on going to be where I am right now. It is not yet the end. I may encounter rocky roads in the future, but I know God is with as He was with me when I was just starting to dream. Now, my purpose in life has continued to grow: to educate the mind of innocents and to inspire a  heart to believe. 



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