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How to conserve water?

Water is the source of life because is required for the survival of plants, and animals. It is also vital for us to drink water, because it can keep us hydrated, and maintaning our body to function.

Water has a number of uses apart of drinking it to survive, these includes cooking, bathing our body, washing your clothing/ kitchen utensils, and keeping your house, and, community clean. 

Everyone depends on water, which is why it is important to observe and practice water conservation. And also not only beneficial for us, but for the future generation.

In this article, I'm going to discuss with you the easiest way you can do to conserve water.

1. Check all the water lines for possible leak. Not just only good for conserving water, but because leaking water lines means that your meter is running. This will avoid you to unnecessary bills.

2. Make sure you still close the tap when washing your hands, and brushing your teeth.

3. Take a shorter shower or used a dipper, and bucket the Filipino way. It actually saves more water than using a shower.

4. When having a laundry don't throw the water that you used. You may use it as option to flush. And don't use the flush as needed.

5. When watering your plants, make sure to do it during morning or evening when the temperature iams cooler to minimize the water loss.

And also when washing fruits, and vegetables do not use running water instead use a tub to wash them. And don't throw the water, becuase you can use it to water your plants.

6. Collect water everytime its rains, because you can also use rainwater for your daily chores.

And when raining it is a big opportunity for you to clean your car, because it will help you to save more water.

7. Minimize the use of cooking, and dining utensils to reduce more water consumption.

8. For plantitas, and plantitos don't throw the rice water because it is good for growing your plants.

They're a lot of ways you can conserve water. This is not only beneficial for your but also for the future generation. You can now do your part to save water.


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 12, 2020 18:19
    Water is very important thanks for this