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There seems to be a consensus that starting a YouTube channel is no longer ‘worth it’ due to the fact that all of the millionaires have already been born out of the platform. Yes, it’s true that you have a better chance of making “fetch” happen than becoming an overnight YouTube sensation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The success of YouTube influencers of the past have made marketers shift how they can potentially reach their audience, so it’s actually a very relevant dream to have for your own channel. The video platform has weaved itself into the marketing fold of many businesses or really anyone looking to share their voice with the world.


Here are the 11 steps you need to take in order become a successful YouTuber:

Define what success means to you and remember it 

Develop your channel’s goals and content

Map it out

Make sure your channel page is welcoming

Mind your SEO

Be consistent. Be-be consistent

Get to the point

Keep up with your niche

Manage your community like a boss

Spread the word with a killer website

Learn from your analytics

01. Define what success means to you and remember it

Many define success monetarily, but there’s so much more to it than money in the bank. If you make a ton of money doing a job you hate, would you consider yourself successful despite your lack of fulfillment? Success comes in different forms, and it’s up to you to determine where you consider yourself successful. If you define success outside of greenbacks for your YouTube channel, remember that’s what you’re in it for. Whether it's a higher view count for your videos, more subscribers, or monetization for your YouTube channel, keep this as your focus, anything else is just bonus.


02. Develop your channel’s goals and content

YouTube is video. There’s a lot of good content, and a ton of terrible content out there. As you create your YouTube channel, keep in mind that developing your content is fun, but it’s also a job. Here, you’re defining your channel's voice and your content should align with it. Even if it’s just you and your camera, you’re building your brand’s personality. The easiest way to develop your channel is to be yourself. But what if you’re not particularly interesting even though the content you’re producing is? Well, then there’s nothing wrong with being a little “extra” to add some pep to your videos. (Read: a little – you’re going for pep, not obnoxious. Also, always consider your audience.)

You’ll need to decide what type of content you will be offering up on your channel. The range is huge, from how-to videos, to humor, to reviews. Once you choose that, backtrack to see how you can make the videos unique using your brand’s personality. Depending on your channel’s content and niche, you want to make sure you give yourself some wiggle room to cover trending topics in your industry. If some big news breaks out or there’s a subject you know others with similar channels are talking about, don’t hesitate to ride the wave. It’s important to stay relevant. Even if you’re covering the same topics as others, it gives you an opportunity to add your valuable input on a subject.


03. Map it out

Now with your content type secured, make a plan as to how you will not only execute its creation, but everything in this venture. Think of this as a business plan of sorts and return to it every now and then to make sure you’re adhering to the standards that you set up for yourself. You can also treat this part as a checklist of the things you will need in the creation of your YouTube channel, including any and all equipment you will need to produce quality videos. This is also a good time to figure out who else will be involved with the your channel, if anyone. In essence, build a realistic timeline for your posting schedule, gather topics for your content, and make sure you follow this timeline consistently along your journey.


04. Make sure your channel page is welcoming

You know what’s not cute? An incomplete YouTube profile. If you’re trying to make YouTube “happen” for you, be sure to mind your p’s and q’s. Since the medium is a visual one, presentation is key. Your profile photo or logo needs to be set in the correct place and your channel banner image needs to be the correct dimensions. Other things to think about are the style of your video thumbnails. Do they have their own visual style that you will continue to consistently reproduce? To ensure all your elements are in place and are the correct size take a look at our ultimate social media size guide. You’re welcome.


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