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Kathlin Ruiz

How to become a Flight Attendant Tips

How to become a flight attendant? 
Being a flight attendant surely is a fun fulfilling job that carries a lot of life lessons along. But how to become one? 
first, keep an open mind. research on what the job really is. What is it about and what is it that flight attendants do. 
Second, check for qualifications. Know the company the requirements that each airline have or specifically the one you want to be part off. 
third, know the company that you wish to join. Read about a brief history about them, their destinations, their slogan, who the CEO is even the mission and vision which is typically available in their site. 
Fourth, height and weight challenge. All airlines have different requirements with regards to their height and weight but the most common or safe zone would be your BMI(Body Mass Index). Check your BMI and make sure you are at normal. 
Some, airlines also require a "reach test" which is around 212cm, to see if you would be capable to reach for emergency equipment's, when needed, as it is part of the job. 
and Lastly, always have a pleasing positive aura or energy. This attracts recruiters the most. As in an interview they would typically put their selves at a position of a passenger and how you appear to them would be how you affect the companies customers in their eyes.