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How to be Non-Toxic (Part 2) - Learn to be Supportive, Not Insecure

Learn to be Supportive, Not Insecure

One of the things that makes a person toxic is his/her insecurities. This is what drives a person to color the way you interpret someone else's intention. They mean no harm and only good but our thoughts are backed up by so many insecurities, that it creates lies that we believe and passes that negative energy to other people. Hence, you and the people you give over the negative energy will hate the person, even though some of them barely know him/her. 

At the end of the day, your insecurities did nothing but drive another person too, to spread hatred, loathe, and abomination. In fact, these feelings are no good and insecurities only bring you down. It brings you down and comes to the point wherein you want other people to go down with you. You don't want them to rise, so rather than supporting them, you want to drag them down with you. Insecurities, if always being feed, becomes poisonous as it slowly consumes your wholeness.

One way to cure our insecurities is to embrace and enfold it. These insecurities live in us, no matter how much we want to avoid it and try to get away it with, it's still there. It is us who need to adjust to it. So instead of being insecure with other people, why not try to be supportive of them? Because support shows love and care and these are what our world needs right now in the midst of crisis and pandemic.

Support shows the love and care we have for the people around us. That is why when we see particular shows, videos, posts, and influencers who touch our hearts and woke up some feelings inside of us, we support them. We join them with their journey because we want to be a part of it, we want to be with them when they reached their success. We show appreciation, we make simple video clips about them, we watch their interviews, attend their concerts, and fan meets and bringing and giving them gifts when they reached another milestone in their lives. Even just the simple things we do for them, it still counts.

Let's stop dragging each other down. Instead, let us help each other to rise to the top, let us show love and care for each other. Of course, let us stop spreading hatred and loathe because it has no place in this world where we live in.

"It's vitally important to help each other. No, we can't walk in each other's shoes, but we can walk side-by-side and support each other." -Michele Sullivan

- nekkooolai 🖤✨