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How to be Fashionably Wise

Admit it or not looking for something to wear is an everyday struggle, specially when going out. We dress to impress, dress for work, and dress ‘cause we obviously need to. The clothes we wear became more than a merely way to cover ourselves instead it has also become ways for people to express themselves.

Shopping is not just about spending money or buying daily needs. Some say it’s just a waste of money, I say shopping is one way of freeing yourself from stress and pain, when you’re down or whatever it is that makes you overthink and occupy your mind. This is also my physical manifestation of abandoning who I was once.

I’m actually lucky to be raised by a shopaholic wonderful woman who taught me a lot about life (not just about being wise when shopping.) As a kid my mom would take me on thrift stores after grocery shopping on a regular basis. I was used to second hand clothes not because I don’t have enough money to buy new things at mall, But because I love how vintage and unique the clothes at the thrift stores are.

Don’t want to spend too much money on designer clothes and accessories but want look classy and stylish? Pull yourself together and start thrift shopping now! Below are some reasons why thrift shopping is far better.
•	You’re limiting the amount of natural resources so it’s good for the environment
•	Saves Money
•	You’re helping, because some thrift shops serve some charitable causes
•	It can give you an old school vibe if you are a “vintage” kind of person
•	Also, It unleashes your creativity and uniqueness

Thrifting is not that junky. In fact, there are some celebrities who loves thrift shopping, and to prove that to you I did some research and made this list just for you!
•	Shailene Woodley
•	Anne Hathaway
•	Kristen Bell
•	Winona Ryder
•	Macklemore
•	Drew Barrymore
•	Kurt Cobain
•	Zooey Deschanel
•	Lorde
•	Sza

Awesome! Right? So, Can we now all agree that thrifting ain’t cheap and take a moment to think of how amazing it is?

Buying to save money & save our environment are all such smart choices. How cool is that.

It’s not bad to be that “Pasalubong Tita” and always buy something for everyone, but don’t forget to do something for yourself too.

Oh! And by the way, please keep in mind that nothing is more important than a healthy sense of self-esteem and loving yourself. 

Shop at your local thrift shops! Support your friends’ small business, support their local clothing too. There is nothing to be ashamed of those things, instead you should be proud for helping others whilst slaying those fits. Now that’s savage!!!