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How I Got My First Costumer as a Freelancer

Getting your first customer on your freelancing job would be the hardest part of doing a job online.

Being a freelancer has its own pros and cons when doing your business.  Here's how I got mine.

I'm a freelancer who started just this past few weeks, finding my way to have money because of the pandemic. I researched for so many sites to apply and offer my skills to earn for living. I also posted on my social media accounts to promote my offers. After days of filling up so many forms, accounts signing in, and posting, my email is all silent. It had me so down that I realized it's hard to get a client because people always base on the reviews, aren't we? With a hidden of giving up, I just let those websites idle on my laptop and phone, waiting for any mails to slide on my email for a client.

A week passed by, I never checked them as I started to give up. But then, one day, I woke up from the sound of my phone vibrating from a mail from a website. It was a message from a client! I was so happy, and I had this creepy smile all day that my family found me weird (well you can't blame me). I made conversation with her, completing our transaction for a day. Then, I just made my very first customer as a freelancer.

Waiting is always the key to everything. Never rush things, or it will cause unpleasant things. You CAN and WILL get your first customer. Trust yourself!


  • Kyungg
    Oct 23, 2020 14:51
    Congrats! That's awesomešŸ˜Š
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