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How helpful is good info net during this pandemic?

          How good or helpful is good info net? Well during this time of pandemic we are facing a lot of problems and a lot of us wasn't able to earn money for our daily needs. We've seen a lot of Jeepney driver's who's begging for food because they're not able to earn money to buy their family needs because of this pandemic.

         Good thing that we have good info net now here in the Philippines, all we have to do is to share some good news and to spread positivity and good info net will do that job for us  to earn a money. We can earn 10$ every week for every 200 views of our good news or our article. So even when we're in our house we still can earn some money for our family. And that's it, as easy as that! So let's earn together and don't let this pandemic pull us down.

          That's it for now guys, thanks for stopping by and reading my good news.



  • Eduard (Imeduardcullen)
    Oct 10, 2020 07:10
    Yes you can earn while sharing positivity.
  • Eduard (Imeduardcullen)
    Oct 10, 2020 07:09
    Good Info Net is very helpful because they are not allowing negativity.
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