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Ackie Myeon

Hopeless Love

A friend of mine fell in love with his classmate JB. He can't express it freely because of their religion which prohibits same sex relationships. But one day, he gathered his courage to tell him and what a surprise, JB also loves him.  They began their challenging love secretly. They shared intimate and happy memories. Until one day, their graduation has come. My friend who got the top spot in honor roll was expelled. The reason? The professors were informed of his relationship with JB. They were both expelled. JB who lives in the southern part of the Philippines went home and so was my friend who lives in the north. They texted and called each other everyday in the succeeding days. Until one day, JB didn't reply to my friend's calls and texts. He was hurt. He contacted JB's friends in the south and found out that he will be married. He cried for almost a month. My friend's family did think that he cried because of his expulsion. But the real reason was the marriage of his loved one to another. His family comforted him that it's okay. He attempted to commit suicide twice. One night, JB called suddenly. He said that the reason why he didn't reply because he doesn't know  how to explain. JB's marriage was arranged, a tradition in their culture. He can't say no. He told my friend that he loves him so much that it hurts that they were born in a religion which prohibits their relationships. Slowly, my friend finally decided to move on. Three years later, my friend was informed that JB's son was named after his name. 


  • Kyungg
    Nov 03, 2020 21:29
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Kyungg
    Nov 03, 2020 21:29
    Oh. A painful reality.šŸ˜ž
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