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Honoring a Pet Who Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Have you had a pet you loved so much it hurt you deeply when she crossed the rainbow bridge? I have, and I believe a lot of us have experienced the same. But this is not my story. This is a story of a dog God let me borrow. This is a story of an angel named Quatro. 

Quatro was one of the five pups I took care of last year, the same month when the Philippines completely closed its borders and started being under ECQ. Quatro was not originally mine nor anyone else's. She was, like her siblings, Memang's. Memang, who was a famous stray dog in our university, was Quatro's mom. Quatro and her sibs, I believe, are the 4th batch of Memang's litter. 

Since I had no other stuff to do when ECQ started, and I could not go home to Imus for my family and dogs, I took care of the litter since the day they were born. At the time, I could not bring them to the unit I was renting, so I just provided them a safe space by the Pasig ferry station. I, together with my roommate, made sure to go to the place and meet and feed them every day. 

Everything was going smoothly. We planned on giving each pup to friends, but it did not happen. At about 2 months of us taking care of the pups, we were told that Quatro and Tres were gone. They said they just ranaway. we were left with Uno, Dos, and Cinco. After a few weeks, we also learned that Uno and Cinco were adopted by other ferry guards. So for months we were only taking care of Dos and Memang. 

Fast forward to August, as we were getting our stuff prepared to move out of the unit we were renting nearby, we knew we had to ask the guards to look after Dos and Memang so we did. It was disappointing however to learn that Dos was also gone. 

However, on one fine Friday night, I decided to see Memang at the ferry station. To my surprise, I saw a familiar dog who immediately ran to me when she saw me. It was Quatro. 

I was so happy to see her because I thought she was gone forever. When I asked the guards, one whispered to me something I did not saw coming. She said, "Ma'am, kunin nyo na po yan. Ikakatay na yan bukas ng umaga." (Ma'am, please bring her home. They're planning to slaughter her tom morning.) I did not hesitate to pick her up and bring her home. Looking back, I thought that if I were to do it again, I would. 

Although I was not sure if the owner of the new place I am renting would like my decision, I did what my heart told me. I was blessed that the family members are all animal lovers. They, too, rescue pets all the time. 

When I brought Quatro to our room, I was not sure if she would last a week because she was so weak and thin. I did all the best I can and I was happy she gained strength after three days. She was one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. She was funny as hell. She was also very smart. She did all different tricks I thought her to do. 

Interestingly, just a few weeks ago, she learned how to play fetch. When she successfully did it the first few times, that was when I noticed that she was getting thinner. 

I thought it was just because of her menstruation, but days went by and she still remained too behave that she no longer liked playing with her best buddy, Motzi, and her Kuya Happy. 

Thinking that she would feel better if we went home to Imus to see her little human best friend, Marius, I brought her there. But things only got worse. I told her I would bring her to the vet on Tuesday, but it was too late... God took my angel. 

To Quatro, baby, I miss you so much. Thank you for being the sweetest girl. Thank you for easing my sadness when I was going through a very hard time. Thank you for making me realize that I can love more. You made us laugh the hardest and cry the loudest. You are truly one of my life's blessings. I would never forget you... And I will always remember that angels come here on earth four-legged. 

I love you and I miss you, every day, Quatro.