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Hey, Woman! You've Been So Strong! #IKNOWASTRONGWOMAN

I know a lot of strong women, with their most unheard stories, and let me just introduce a few of them, who I believe have been so strong all these years.

I know a strong woman who used to work most often, around 12 hours a day, when they have a lot of customers. She has only one day off per week. Now, imagine her spending all her time in the kitchen, cooking for other people instead of just preparing a simple three meal per day for her family. She told me that when she cooks, her feet always aches cause she has no time to sit. They have to accomodate their customers' demands, and sometimes they even lack manpower, so aside from cooking a lot of dishes, she also have to do the mountain of plate dishes. She plan meals ahead for several people. She's incharge of their kitchen that she must check everything first before leaving. She leaves work with  physically tired and exhausted body. She goes home at midnight, or sometimes already  dawn. The next day, she have to wake up early and work again with those tired eyes and exhausted body.

I know a strong woman who most often struggles with their family bills. Electric bill. Water bill. Her children's school fees. It would sometimes make her resort to borrowing money from other people just to sustain all that. But life is most often hard and where could she get money to pay those debts? She pays debts with another debts. Debts after debts, even if she receives untolerable judgement from other people. Yet she keep a strong heart, because if she backs off, will her pride pays for her children's education? will it make them eat three times a day?

I know a strong woman, a mother, that despite the tiring  work, still goes home to her family and prepare them everything they need. Still prepare food for the family, do household chores, and spend time with them. She goes home late for work, but still has time to listen to her family's concern. She is tired, but still has time to check on her children. I remember her worrying too much when her children aren't home yet. She didn't have enough sleep, but she still manage to send one of her children early in the cold morning at work training, because as a mother, she worries about the simple danger in the road where her child would walk.

I know a strong woman who lost one of her children. If she had only enough money to transfer her child to a better hospital for operation. If she just had enough money to pay for that child's earlier check up, things could have change a little. But she isn't just a mother of one, so after losing this child, she continued being a strong mother because she also has other children to nurture too. She could grieve forever because she is a mother who lost a child, but she couldn't too, because she's a mother who still has other children to guide, and to give her love with.

I know a strong woman, that because of the pandemic, had lost her job. But she still has child who's studying that she needs to support. I believe she badly wanted a business, or any job cause imagine how frustrating it was to not be able to do something to help your family.

I know a strong woman who is suffering from big adjustment because of the pandemic, who is most often frustrated of her situation. Sometimes, I wonder what she is thinking. Sometimes, she looks sad about the things she lost. But you can notice how she knows to help her self. She can still smile despite of her visible worried emotion. And she still manages to fill their home with love and laughter. 

Actually, all those women I've mentioned were just one. Just one simple woman, having different stories looking into her job career, her motherhood, and individuality. She is a simple woman, but she is strong. She isn't just any other woman, cause see how amazing she is. And yes, she is my mother!

I would like to apologize if I just introduced only one, cause do I still need to introduce the others when you already knew them?

Yes. Your own mother. Your sister. Your aunt. Your friend. Aren't they all strong and amazing? All woman are strong and amazing, if you just try to read carefully that one page of their life story you probably refuses to read. Anyway, happy Woman's month! Let's appreciate all the woman we knew, cause we may never know all the hardships they are going through.



Have a good day and Godbless! Stay safe everyone! Been missing because of school loads:( Hoping to write again soon. Please pray for me to pass this sem. Thank you!