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Heres what happens to a YouTube channel once its creator passes away

In the past few months, the vlogging community has felt a deep loss with the passing of both Lloyd Cadena and Emman Nimedez.

During the Brandcast Delivered virtual event on Thursday, Google Philippines marketing head Gabby Roxas said: “They were creators that are very close to our hearts. It still affects me personally.”

Google Philippines Mervin Teo Wenke said Lloyd s family had inquired about the vlogger s channel.

“The loved ones have the option they can request, they can go to the help center to access the account,” he said.

According to Google, there are two ways to go about handling a deceased person s channel. One way is that Google will follow the vlogger s plans if they created one using the “Inactive Account Manager” feature.

“Inactive Account Manager is the best way for you to let us know who should have access to your information, and whether you want your account to be deleted,” said the instruction.

However, according to Google, there are also instances where people die “without leaving clear instructions about how to manage their online accounts.”

When this scenario occurs, Google said that they could help immediate family members and representatives in closing the deceased person s account.

Google can also provide content from the deceased user s account.

According to the company, however, it “cannot provide passwords or other login details. Any decision to satisfy a request about a deceased user will be made only after a careful review.”

Lloyd died earlier this month after testing positive for coronavirus disease shortly before his death, while Emman passed away in August after battling acute myeloid leukemia. 


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  • Eduard (Imeduardcullen)
    Sep 22, 2020 21:29
    Today is Llyod birthday.