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Help, donate and make a difference #SupportTyphoonVictims

How’s everyone? I hope you all okay. Those people who are reading this article! Can i get your a little bit of your time.

As you can see on the title, Philippines was undergo to one of the dangerous phenomenon which is the Typhoon Rolly. Typhoon Rolly is one of the biggest typhoon we encounter with a Signal Number 05.

Many people, lose their lives, home, jobs and many more. We not yet over to Corona Virus, yet we experience another phenomenon. 

But still, We shall do what we can! I, Anime Feels, Using this platform, Good Info Net, Seeking for a help. To save and do something to our kababayan, or people in the Philippines. Any amount will do. Help, donate and make a difference 

Please go to the link, if you are interested in helping the people of the Philippines 

But we all know, that not everyone can donate, due to lack of money but, prayers will do. Let’s all take a moment a pray, and give regards to the safety, not only Philippines, but for the whole world.

We got this all together. Thank you.

Anime Feels #SupportTyphoonVictims