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Happiness is the Result of Acknowledging Present Moment and the Absence of Self Identity

 Happiness is a choice one can make at any time.

I see people every day chasing happiness only to find joy, a feeling that is short-lived. See joy is a moment, happiness is a state. So how to attain?

First, you need to understand what happiness is. Happiness is inner peace. You won't find it in external things for the nature of happiness is internal. But what drives the man is external and so internally he is restless. 

And since restlessness is the absence of peace, happiness also evades for you cannot have the one without the other. See man is not happy because he is restless and because he's restless he's not happy. 

And so he sows more restlessness in the hopes to reap rest. He fails to realize that chasing peace is restlessness, the opposite.

Man's restlessness is because of discontent. Discontent is what drives man restless to find rest. He simply confuses joy for happiness.

To find happiness man has to stop chasing it. To find happiness man has to turn within. To find happiness man has to be content. 

And if a man can do these three, he will be at peace and therefore happy. And what's more, man will discover that you can't find happiness, you can just be.