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At first I just want to watch this show cause its a show about medical stuffs and maybe I could get some inspiration to go move forward or maybe go to med school. But these show makes me realize how difficult it will be. I really recommend this show even if you don’t like medical stuffs you’ll come to love the show. Its really a lovable show you got attached with the cast. I haven’t finish watching the show and its still a long way but I really love Grey’s Anatomy.

Here are some quotes that I want to remember and you might want to know too:

1. "Knowing is better than wondering. Waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beats the hell out of never trying." -Meredith Grey, Season 1 Episode 6.

2. “Pain comes in all forms. The small twinge, a bit of soreness, the random pain, the normal pains we live with every day. Then there is the kind of pain you can’t ignore. A level of pain so great that it blocks out everything else. Makes the rest of the world fade away. Until all we can think about is how much we hurt. How we manage our pain is up to us. We anesthetize, ride it out, embrace it, ignore it, and for some of us, the best way to manage pain is to just push through it.” - Meredith Grey, Season 2 Episode 5

3. “It turns out sometimes you have to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. Mistakes are painful, but they're the only way to find out who we really are." -Denny Duquette, Season 3 Episode 4.

4. "Sometimes it's good to be scared. It means you still have something to lose." -Richard Webber, Season 4 Episode 10

5. "Some days the whole world seems upside down. And then somehow, improbably, and when you least expect it, the world rights itself again." —Meredith Grey, season 4, episode 10

6. "Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here and don't give a damn about what anyone thinks." -Cristina Yang, Season 4 Episode 15.

7.  “Yes, horrible things do happen. Happiness, in the face of all of that, that’s not the goal. Feeling horrible, and knowing that you’re not going to die from those feelings, that’s the point.” -Katherine Wyatt, Season 5, Episode 3


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