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Good evening my beloved friends in this space.

We are out to do more in what we are destined to become. Lets move. 






But i have found out that some of us think they are nothing, they cant do anything and help their society. But am here this evening to tell you. "YOU ARE MADE FOR GREATNESS"

You are never a nonentity, you are somebody's somebody. 

Just keep doing that you are doing that will bring about your greatness, you will make it. Just don't quite. 

Now let me tell you a short story, 

One day, on my way back home from work, i was very weak and tried and i was discouraged ftom working, i just concluded that i am a nobody to some people, i will just go and quit and stop all these stress. 

But as i was saying it to myself, the bus i entered revised and almost hurt a mad man, and he told the bus driver. 

"Oga see me oo, my flesh dey cost. I never dey die, my family dey wait me for house." 

I thought of it and said, if he can say this what about me with an organized brain. 

Thou people laughed at him

But it taught me a lesson. 

I am made for greatness, and I need to keep pushing. 

Generations are waiting for me and also waiting to hear you too. 

Don't be discouraged, you are made for a purpose and greatness. 

I love you all

You are Abba's Favourites 

You are Abba's Children