• Personal Stories

Leander Agcaoili


Love has a lot of shape. There are people who show their love by helping a partner. Some people tend to show their love by giving gifts or gifts, or others project their love by giving quality time to their partner. Also, there are people who show their love by caressing their partner, or some call it clingy. Finally, others show their love by uttering supportive or encouraging words. 

However, there are two things that I wanted to point out. The first thing is the love that beyond our understanding, which is the love of God. The love of God for us is immeasurable and unquestionable. God's love is truly amazing even in the midst of pandemic or natural calamities that we face, God still let us live and show that life is still marvelous. And the second thing is, it is imperative for us human beings to show our love by helping the needy, or by lending a shoulder to lean on. Give them food for their hearts nourishments. Let us accept the fact that mental health matters and that there are not only young people suffers, but also adults who have lost faith in themselves and in God. Let's be open to them now. Show them that we're ready to listen. Our simple Hi/Hello (Kamustahan) could mean a lot to those people who have mental health difficulties. We do not need to be a Registered Psychologist/Psychiatrist/Guidance Counselor or even Life Coach just to help, an open ear and open heart could do. What we need is the love and the courage to help (altruism) because this is what God’s wants for us. Assist people who needs help. As the famous line says “It is better to give than to receive.” God do blessed those people who help. #LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.