• Good News


Grateful of a great-full day! #WhatMakesMyDayBeautiful

      At some point of my school days, the early morning has always been my favorite. It was a weekday routine for me before as a student, to get up early, prepare and go to school. At junior high school, I used to walked a little kilometer before I get to ride a jeep going to school. On senior high, my school was just a walking distance. The fun part of that every morning was I get to enjoy the part of the road I passed, which was grassy and silent. It was an open space with a clear view of the sky, and whenever I look at it, it feels motivating. It is because I always think that behind the clouds in the sky is heaven, and God is watching all of us from the above. Ofcourse, I knew the science of atmosphere, ozone layer, galaxy and such. It's just that faith really give us a different perspective, a different view of things. And because I'm overwhelmed with the sky, I used to shout my gratitude "Thank You Lord!" while looking at it since there were also no people around. I just feel happy and at peace during those times, even tho sometimes I'm already late and running . When I feel nervous of being late, seeing the sky would make me laugh cause I tend to realized it's not the end of the world yet or something.

     However, despite the optimism in the morning, we can't prevent encountering bad things. At the end of the day, I still have a lot of frustrations, regret, and disappointment that I slept off and throw away the next day to welcome the morning.

     Apparently, the pandemic brought a big change in everyone's life.

     My optimistic morning suddenly switched to a dull one, perhaps a lazy one. I usually don't have an early schedule on my online class so I tend to wake up late, maybe almost noontime. The situation feels demotivating. My outdoor activities became strictly limited. Adapting to the new normal makes things more frustrating for me. My parents loss their job. We became financially unstable. My whole day was mostly spent on either online class or on doing constant requirements from different subjects. For example, I would sit for hours do essays, reflections and analyzed  readings. Then I would realized it's already six in the evening when mostly my class would start, and just like "wow", I spent my day sitting for all of that?

     My day were mostly mentally draining that I used to reflect a lot before I sleep. What something good had happened this day? I'll try to recall everything then I'll smile and say, " Yep, during my break time, I talked with my parents, we bonded a little...I've also passed all my requirements! That's my achievement for this day!" With that, I am happy and say my thanks to the Lord for mainly three things: my life, my loved ones, and all the blessings that day...which includes our protection from harm and CoVid disease. Then I would also be thankful that I have those realizations.

     I've realized my life haven't really changed that much. It just seemed to go inverse. From appreciation to reality, to reality to appreciation. And I think that's what my makes day always beautiful. I've never abandoned appreciation of things even when life gets more tough and trying. It's like what a quote from David Humes have said, "Beauty is no quality in things themselves. It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each perceives a different beauty."

    Consider that, life has already many beautiful things in it. The life itself is beautiful. You're still alive. You still have a nice shelter. You can enjoy your food. You're still with your loved ones. You're still living normally. On the other hand, there are also unpleasant things. Maybe you failed a quiz, you got scolded by your boss, you have quarreled with a family member, your bills had already came, etc..

   If we only depend the beauty of our day on these beautiful things, would we still be satisfied if the other day we won't get this beautiful things but only the unpleasant one? Maybe not, right?

   The point too is, beauty is not on what we perceived but on how we perceived. If we perceive positively, these unpleasant things could still make our day beautiful. Also because even if there's beautiful thing in front of us, if we perceive negatively, we won't appreciate it.

    What makes my day beautiful is when I am able to perceive things positively. And that I hope, everyone also could  be. Live, love, laugh and be grateful each day, because there's beauty in gratitude and positivity.


Haven't posted for awhile again. Pray for me and my finals.lol. Have a great day everyone! Hope you always find your day beautiful❤️ Staysafe and Godbless!