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During this pandemic, I used this time to focus more on myself. I started seeking for a person who can help me to regain myself after years of feeling depressed. Until finally, I have this very little courage to seek professional help and consulted a psychologist in our university guidance office. 

After our first session with my counselor, she asked me for some assignments to do, and one of those is to find at least one good thing that happened in a day. I started making a journal because of this assignment. I was consistent in my first two months of journaling, but there are still days that are hard to see good in everything. 

My counselor also advised me to find something that would help me fight all the negativity that I would overthink in my head. I have a lot of hobbies before that bores me now like, playing my guitar, reading books, and focusing on my studies is now a challenge for me. And today, as I looked for an online job, I saw this site the goodinfonet. It interests me because I can only see positivity on this website. And I think, sharing my stories here would be good therapy for me as I share with you some of my happy moments and good news in life. I would still try to come back on my said hobbies, and would not forget my obligations as a student. I am just happy that I added one thing on the list that makes me happy and would strengthen my mental health. Indeed, God is giving us a lot of reasons to continue to live and to be happy, He has a hundred ways of showing our love to us and never wants us to live in darkness. 

I hope you found positivity and good news in my stories. 
And if you are feeling the same way I felt before, I hope and pray that you built also the courage to seek and ask for help. 
Someone is needing you and someone would be there for you. 

See you in my next stories!! HAVE A NICE DAY. GOD BLESS. 


  • Eduard
    Oct 18, 2020 15:48
    Make your voice to spread the positivity.
  • Anime Feels
    Oct 18, 2020 15:41