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Good memories

Hello guys! 

I'm really in a good mood today, hope you guys are too! It's raining outside haha, feels a little bit cold but it brings this weird feelings, in a good way. So, i mesmerized my senior high school life haha. Remembering my friends, i miss them. This rain brings a lot of good memories. Staring outside while drinking hot chocolate, try it out guys. If you want to, then play your favorite song. It feels really good. Actually, those memories, my past self and now, i realized that i change in a good way because of my experiences in the past. It may be right or wrong, i learned every single day. While drinking my hot chocolate today, i smiled while bringing those memories back to my mind, and say outloud "I am still learning every single day, so God, please be with me during those happy and sad moments of my life. Thank you. " I am who i am today because of those experiences of my past. So if ever some memories passes by to you, always think that those memories mold who you are today. You may think of feel regrets but i'll tell you that you may feel regrets now but in the future it will turn into happiness. So don't give in life okay? Remember, that i am one of those people who always wishes to God to bring you happiness. So wait for it, it'll be a big surprise and it will be worth it! 

Stay safe everyone šŸ˜ŗšŸ˜ø


  • Mark Arcel Letada
    Aug 11, 2020 09:15
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