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Go Green, Live green! #PLASTICFREECHALLENGE #PlasticFreeChallenge

Go green, Live Green! 

My mom have always taught us how important saving mother nature is, its just as important of how we live for our daily lives. She'd always tells us to minimize the use of plastic anywhere. If we're going to grocery or supermarket we'd always bring our eco bags. If we would be eating outside for example fast foods, we'd bring our own utensils and for our drinks since pandemic our mom told us to go buy our own tumblers so that we don't have to use the glasses from the fast foods. Though we surely know that they sanitize and clean them, my mom always wanted us to be safer when it comes to hygiene and health. 

Another thing that this household told me is the reusable containers that we bought from fast foods, restaurants and even from the grocery items that we think has a sturdy material. Plastic sometimes isn't that bad if we use them well, I think what causes the world more harm is the business and corporations that makes use of non biodegradable plastics. Those plastics never melt and never been good for the nature because it doesn't have decomposing matters. 

What makes the life of nature shorter is also because of the discipline the people have. I believe that discipline starts with yourself and it all take small steps to discipline yourself. I believe that knowing how to organize and take out trash is also a life skill that everyone should learn. The three R's that are being taught when we were young should be one of the matters we still remember. The CLAYGO Policy, CLean As You GO. 

Grass won't always be greener on the other side, they said. So in order for it to be greener, do what you got to do in order to have a more balanced and healthy life in the present and in the future. This life isn't just about giving, this life is a give and take always remember that. 

Again, Go green, Live green!