• Good News

Kathlin Ruiz

Gifts from a Pandemic

The current worldwide situation has not been easy for many of us, some like me has lost their jobs has had to move and some in worst scenarios has lost their homes. But despite all the negativity there is, may we not forget to look at the "gifts" it has brought us. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives in the "old normal" days was put at pause. This pandemic gave us the time to think and reflect about what should be prioritized, what, exactly the word "important" meant for us. It has given plenty of us the TIME to be with those we love. Gave us all a wake up call to APPRECIATE what it is we have at these struggling times. It has given us the CHOICE to look at what good there is that we actually have. It has given us the SIGHT to see who would be by our side at darker days. May we not lose hope now that we are down for there is no other way to go but UP.