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Agatha De Borja


     My favorite shop has been Lazada to buy everything including Christmas gifts considering that I do not always go outside due to the pandemic. I know that every store online or offline is great and special in its own ways. From my experience, I like how Lazada delivers fast like any online store. Lazada does not require you to use a credit card to pay. Thus, I can only pay with cash. In my case, I do not use a credit card. I just love Lazada because there are so many items to buy from it. Basically, online shopping is one of the most convenient ways of buying anything that you want. Just like any online store, I can easily find more items that I want compared to going from one offline store to another. So this is my personal view. There is actually no right or wrong answer. It can be different for everyone. I would love to hear from you, everyone. How about you? You can leave a comment below.

Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder