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Yase Ebrahim


All filipino  knows that Quiapo stalls is the best because its affordable and locally made Christmas handicrafts ,A religious district of Manila, Quiapo is home to the Quiapo Church where millions of devotees flock to in January to commemorate the Pista ng Nazareno. But aside from being a place for religious worship, it is also a popular destination for bargain hunters. You can also find handcrafted lanterns with dangling Santa Claus figures Claus in Paulo’s Handicraft at C. Palanca Street. Available in different designs, the Santa Claus Fiber Setting (P1,500, ~USD31.09) is a set of 6 such lanterns made from fiber materials and equipped with running lights. Hang it with a huge parol in front of your home for an extra festive facade.  

Along Quezon Boulevard, you can find the stall of Pinoy Sikat Handicrafts selling affordable, locally made Christmas handicrafts. Placed on patterned fabric, the shop’s Nativity Set (P1,300-P7,000, ~USD26.94-USD145.07) would make an eye-catching living room centerpiece composed of various miniature biblical figures. Quiapo is known for two things: Quiapo Church and bargain shopping. Aside from the manghuhula and candle vendors surrounding the church, the streets radiating from Plaza Miranda and beyond teem with various merchandise all year round.

But did you know that Quiapo is one of the best places to get pocket-friendly Christmas décor? And if you head to “Ils de Tuls” (C. Palanca Street, formerly Echague), you’re bound to find Filipino-themed holiday décor in local materials—perfect for a Pinoy Christmas. 
This street is literally lit up for the Christmas season, with various gift items and décor stretching all the way to the corner of Rizal Avenue, also known as Avenida Rizal. Hanging Merry Christmas signs are sold for P150, while Santa décor start from P250 to P350.
Aside from the assorted tinsel décor, you’ll find all sorts of Christmas lights here. Ordinary Christmas lights range from P120 to P350, but you may also want to go for a set of stemmed floral lights (12 pieces), sold at P1,500. Christmas trees start at P350, which you can decorate with poinsettia flowers, priced at P10 apiece.
This is why quiapo is the phillipines number 1 christmas stall



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