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Getting Ready for New Spider-Man Movie

Tom Holland and other casts for this new movie on 2021 have been on Atlanta to start the shoot. The characters included with this movie are Doctor Strange, Electro from the Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man. Tom Holland updates his fans that his been memorizing his script. 

After he shoot the Uncharted, the movie his been doing was finished, he directly told that they will start the Spider-Man 3. Surprisingly, he didn't spoil it since past of his stories on Instagram when he started to be a Spider-Man he accidently shows it with the viewers but then he told us that he learned his lesson that makes me laughed a lot.

In my opinion, this movie may be connected to the Spider Verse because the last movie that Tom Holland had named "Far From Home" had a scene wherein he had copy of the drones I think. This movie makes me excited for the reason that he's with Dr. Strange.

I'm so excited to know the poster of this movie. They said that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire can be part of this movie. Hope you are excited for this movie and I spread the news!