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Fort Santiago - worth a visit - Intramuros Manila

Fort Santiago is a necessary stop, probable the most relevant, when you visit Intramuros. Needless to say, if you go to Manila and don't visit Intramuros well, you haven't been to Manila. This walled area of the city is what remains from the Spanish colony founded in the XVI Century, when they took it over by force to exploit their resources under the excuse of bringing salvation to those poor lost souls deemed to burn in hell and remained until expelled by the US during their war near the end of the XIX Century, almost simultaneously with Cuba. With Fort Santiago, it is impossible not to think of Cartagena de Indias or La Habana, with their magnificent walls and fortresses. However, Fort Santiago suffered much during WWII and most of the damage is still there. Restoration apparently has been addressed, though much remains to be done. This place has the potential to attract a lot more tourists than it does right now and I'm sure it will in time. In the meanwhile, it's more than worth a visit to take a glimpse of the past.