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Forgive as to Free Yourself

(v) An act of ceasing a resentment  against an offender. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

We, people, barely cease a dispute to someone we are enrage of for countless of reasons wherein most are reasonable and plausible but at times to create a much bigger fight. Isn't stressful to be indulge in a fight you are not certain when it is going to end as it creates more struggles and hatred in your life? On the other hand, isn't a great feeling too of possessing a peaceful mind and heart, without hatred, resentment, and such? Think of what might forgiving can give you.

It gives you peacefulness, calmness, and achieve closure. By forgiving, you are as well protecting yourself from regrets, remorse, and future heartaches. Forgiving doesn't mean giving a green light to other to hurt you once again. It doesn't mean ignoring the hurt that other people caused you. It is an act of freeing yourself from condemnation, an act of freeing yourself from negative emotions that only weigh you down. In a matter of fact, you can forgive someone and remove them from your life entirely. Once you forgive, you can move forward without the black and grey shadows following you.

There is no good carrying hatred in your heart, whether this hate directed to someone else or yourself. It only brings you regrets and negativity in your life. It might a long time but forgive, as to free yourself.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨


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    Oct 15, 2020 21:51
    Forgive and forget