• Good News

Glydel Agustin

Forever grateful

I'm always thankful everyday to God, every morning when i wake up, for providing us our daily needs (kahit wala akong trabaho pa sa ngayon), and for keeping us safe during this pandemic. 

I must say, life is really hard. Pero kapag inuna natin Sya sa lahat, everything will be possible. 

Hard to get a job? Pray. I always do that. 
Struggling on finances? Pray and do the work. 
Lahat ng gagawin mo, always pray for guidance and wisdom. 

I always believe in God's will. Ngayon, you are struggling, pero makikita mo one of this days, okay ka na. 

I am posting this for those who have struggles in life like me. My daily motto is Romans 8:18.

"The pain that you've been feeling, can't compare to the joy that is coming"

This too, shall pass. Padayon!~


  • Eduard
    Oct 17, 2020 09:40
    Love that mindset