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Aki Maeda

First Shoot in my Life #myfirstjob

In my 18 years living in this world(but im 19 now), I finally stepped into the photography path. I got my first camera during my 18th birthday as a gift from my father and that made me so happy. I've practiced so many techniques I learned from the videos i watched from youtube, my friends who were a lot better than me and other people in social media. But something unbelievable happened to me few months after I got my camera, I was hired to be one of the photographers in a debut event (thanks to my friend, Giancarlo). I was so excited that time, getting along with people having so many camera gears, more knowledge and experiences. They taught me so well and sometimes I don't know what to say when they were shooting pictures at the debutant. Even though its only for one event, I was happy to experience what photography as a full time job feels like. 

From that experience I had, I learned that some people will help you even though your below their standards, they will help you even though you don't have the same gear like them because all of us came from 0 in order for us to go 100.


  • Aki Maeda
    Aug 12, 2020 19:02
    I forgot to add, Im still learning today and Im a freelancer. I can take pictures on any products and take videos for advertisements :)