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Ella U

First Milestone (Our Homeschooling Journey Day 10)

August 10, 2020 (Monday, MECQ)

Dear Diary,
Today is the tenth day of homeschooling for my seven-year-old son. He woke up at 7 am but we started at 10:05 am after he made the bed, had breakfast with us, reviewed previous video lessons, and finished drawing his dragon from yesterday.

We stated with the usual prayer and with identifying the date today. When he looked outside the window, my son found that today is a cloudy day. He also sang the national anthem for practice and habit. And then we had our ‘word of the day’.

My son easily understood today’s ‘word of the day’ but he still struggled with forming complete sentences, both in English and in Tagalog. However, he quickly got the Tagalog equivalent of our ‘word of the day’ and we just spent 25 minutes today. That is just a little more than half the time we spent yesterday.

We went on to discuss today’s Filipino vocabulary words. He easily understood them but I still made an effort to demonstrate and make sure that the concept gets through. The demo and discussion lasted for 13 minutes. After learning Filipino vocabulary words, my son practiced spelling drills for Filipino in 26 minutes and had his quiz in 10 minutes wherein he got 10 out of 10.

Our next topic is about a student’s dedication to learning despite the obstacles that he must face just to get to and from school. We watched the video of the story for 10 minutes and discussed it for 5 minutes.

Since we were both tired and hungry, we took a break from 12:03 pm and resumed after having lunch for 41 minutes. We resumed with Mathematics and discussed the names of the months of the year as well as :
- how many months in a year
- the order in which the months come (first to 12th)
- how many days on a month
- how many months in between certain months

My son was sleepy and tired after an hour. He requested to have a break so we took a break from 1:44 pm and agreed to just continue later. He took a bath and then went straight to napping right after. And that nap was longer than expected. He woke up at 8 pm, just in time for supper! 

So I guess I would have to move the other topics to another day. Today’s subjects included:
- Filipino (Pagbabasa, Pagsasalita, Pagbabaybay at Pagsusulat)
- Values Education
- Mathematics

I finalized “his notes” for today and prepared the lesson for the next homeschooling day in 1 hour. I also prepared a long quiz to see which items my son was able to retain from our ten-day homeschooling. 

I realized that we have just reached our first milestone! Time really flies and before you know it, you have already made it. That’s it for our tenth day! Tomorrow is a rest day! Yay!


  • Mark Arcel Letada
    Aug 11, 2020 08:44
    check my articles too :)