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Dane Mark Abad

First Crush

As I can remember my childhood, I was so young and I always come to my neighbor's house just to watch television shows because back then we don't own one. 
The day I had my first crush was just a normal day on my neighbor's house we kept on switching channels until we see a new one until we saw Arthur and the Invisibles it was right on the start of the movie where Arthur is looking at a book full of minimoys or Invisibles. At first, I was amazed because how the movie was made I think it was my first time watching a live-action movie fused with 3D animation but back then I don't know anything about that so it made me believe that minimoys are real so after the movie I asked my mom to buy me a magnifying glass so that I could stroll around our garden and see if I could look for minimoys. Moving on, the first time I saw Selenia was amazing, I never took out my eye off the television after seeing her, I liked her so much and how she handles things like a boss, that's the first time I saw beauty, maybe that's another reason I wanted to look for minimoys at our garden just to find my own Selenia. After the movie, I also asked my mom to rent a movie similar to that and since then, I am a fan of the movie and the other sequels that they made.