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Finding Someone True (A Blog by Kyla Guerzo)

Most of us believe we understand love. That love is something we can easily explain to others. However, we are only waiting for the appropriate person to spend our affection on. But it is no insult, and it might even be beneficial to assume that we have little understanding of what love is, not because we're lacking, but because our culture never studies the subject as thoroughly as it should. When reality does not meet your rose-colored ideal, Romanticism can promote idealism and inflated expectations. Leading to disillusionment. Indeed It is great to have expectations. However, people should maintain one foot grounded in reality and accept the flaws.

True love is devoting ourselves to grow not just for our own sake but also for the sake of those we love and the one we chose as our partner. With which we express our gratitude for the kindness they have shown us. Our willingness to carry their burden as we can and always assist them when they need to grow. Love encourages development and tolerates mistakes and lapses in judgment. Love is easier to define than many people believe: it's when you accept someone as a part of yourself. This definition came from a YouTuber, and it makes sense to me. When you take someone as a member of your family, you care about them as much as you care about yourself. When a heart breaks, it causes a split in the self, which hurts so deeply. Love is the coming together of two people. Love is all-encompassing. Looking past the presentation and focusing on the message rather than the words is an excellent example of love. What I took up from this was the importance of having a life passion. Whether you choose it or it chooses you. To recognize and be able to look past flaws and accept and appreciate those characteristics of someone that remain inspiring. A true soul, open and willing to see, is essential to have wondered in the world; a sunset, a sunrise.

Communication, commitment, and a shared set of ideals are all critical. People change as they grow, and no matter how much you click or are meant to be together, there will be times in life when you grow apart and times when you develop back together. You can't expect happiness and infatuation to last forever simply because you 'love' someone; emotions don't work than that. Feelings fade away and flow. You could have the ideal life and still have painful moments or a challenging existence with happy moments. After all, feelings are simply that: feelings. Above all, love is a decision.

It is no insult to admit that, despite living in a romanticized culture, we struggle to understand love and that, after having numerous crushes and hearing numerous songs about love, we are still only scratching the surface of what love might be. The difficulty is that you can't indoctrinate people into making sacrifices or caring about others. Love is a personal experience that must be shared with one person at a time. So, today, go love on someone and just spread the love. Because the true meaning of love is what do you believe in.


- Kyla Guerzo ✨


  • Ano Nymous
    Oct 22, 2021 00:09
    I truly believe in what you said! That love needs communication, commitment, and shared ideas. However to have a healthy relationship with your partner you must be very understanding too so that you can communicate better. Communication is useless if the other one does not communicate well. Anyways, your blog is very meaningful and gives a lot of moral lessons. It makes me want to confess to my crush 😭✨ HAHAHA
  • Oct 20, 2021 11:10
    Very touching!