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Fil-Am comedian Jo Koy introduces Pinoy tabo as solution to toilet paper shortage

Filipino – American comedian Jo Koy has a new video introducing the “tabo” as a solution to toilet paper shortage that is apparently being experienced now in the United States and some countries amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The comedian, known for infusing Pinoy culture and traits in his comedy act, uploaded the 45-second video on his Twitter account on March 13, 2020, (Philippine Time) with a caption “PSA: Filipinos have always had the solution to a toilet paper shortage. MUST WATCH!”.

In the video introduction, Jo Koy showed footage of empty store shelves while saying, “A shortage of toilet paper across the country. Shelves are empty. No toilet paper”.

Jo Koy then asked the viewers, “You know who is not worried about toilet paper shortage?”

He answered, “Filipinos!” then proceeded to reveal what Filipino households always have right next to the toilet seat, the tabo – a plastic dipper.

Jo Koy then instructs viewers that all they have to do is to fill the tabo with water and clean themselves.

He also told viewers that, “One tabo is equivalent to 10 thousand rolls of toilet paper. That’s right! Now not only are you being clean… you are saving the environment”.

“So why, wipe your ass? When you can wash your ass with a tabo?” he said at the end of the video.

Jo Koy soared to Hollywood Reporter’s Top 4 Comedians List within a week of debuting in the Top 10 Comedians Social Climbers Charts.

Neflix has also streamed Jo Koy’s shows to worldwide audiences.