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Jake Losantas

Fight for what you want

This is a real quick recap, long story short.

When I was little I promised myself that I will do everything to conquer all my dreams, and we know if were little we think that all things around us are easy.
I didn't expect that every year of our life, life's getting harder and harder.
We cannot deny that, that is what we can be called maturity.
So in every day of my living, I keep on fighting for what I wanted to have, I keep motivating myself because no one can do that for you if you're alone.
And now, I make it as a quote for myself "Fight for what you want" because there are no other people that will do it for you.

Keep fighting my friend :) Don't quit until your dreams who will be the one will chase you šŸ˜‡

You can do better than what I've done, keep fighting !!!!

-Jake Losantas SJ.