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Fear of Change #MyGreatestFear

Before I will start this post, you were aware that we normally celebrate Halloween every year on 31 October. Some of the people wear spooky cloths, huge pumpkins are graven in lantern, others enjoying visiting haunted houses, play pranks tricks to terrify each other, watch horror movies, and for kids trick-or-treating door to door to receive handfuls of candy. 

Some think it is a celebration to end the harvest, while the others are linking Halloween with the presence of evil on earth. 

And for most of the Christians Halloween is memory for remembering the dead, and saints.

What is fear?

The fear that is found in all human beings is entirely normal. It is caused by a danger to our well-being or damage to us. In that sentence, the dominant word is "perceive".

This perception may be a product of a prior situation in which we have met; reading a very good book; watching a horror movie, recalling what we learned as children, almost anything because perception is one of the most critical activities in which our brains function.

If you would ask me what I'm most afraid of "change."

I saw people reacting as death , loss, suffering, losing your beloved. However, the roots behind them are their incapacity to cope with the transition. Fear of losing somebody, I guess it's like, the fear of the change after you lose someone.

Sometimes, we get too relaxed in business and in life. We're seeking good ground-a secure spot. We're getting relaxed and sitting in. We are scheduled to do this. That's how we work. Look and stay in security.

People fear "change," they fear to leave their comfort zone.

Where did you take the chance last time? Not something critical and life-threatening, just a step away from your comfort zone.

Let me admit I've been frightened of change too. There have been so many choices I have made on my comfort zone, even though I can cope-up with them.

The pain in our lives created by fear is real. The anxiety it causes is real, along with the tightening chest, knots and thoughts in your belly.

Please make your target a part of and accept your life. Take the time to study your knowledge and develop it. This offers you the best chance to separate what is real from what is real.

Seeing the uncertainty of what it is, it will disseminate in thin air from the dark and the sun.

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