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Facts and tips about Birds of Paradise

Here's some facts and tips about Birds of Paradise: 🌿🌱

📌 Birds of Paradise bloom from September through May.

📌 The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness — making it the perfect romantic gift.

📌 The bird of paradise is the official flower for a ninth wedding anniversary.

📌 Thrives in bright direct to bright indirect light. Can take full sun.

📌 Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. 

📌 Normal room humidity will do, but does best in higher humidity.

📌 This plant is very sensitive to the cold weather and when in the cold they must be indoors.

📌 This plant will reach an ultimate height of about 3-5 feet and will have a spread of about 2-3 feet

Common Problems

📌 The Bird of Paradise is usually pest-free, but if it happens, treat pests as soon as they appear with weekly sprays of horticultural (Neem) oil and regular wipe-downs with a soft rag until they are eradicated.

📌 Wilting leaves or leaves curling in or sometimes leaves turning brown and crispy at leaf edges caused by under watered, high salts, or potassium deficiency. Water more often and monitor response.

📌 Torsion of leaves caused by mechanical damage. Possibly due to strong wind or bumping into the plant. Be mindful of the space around your plant.

📌 Yellowing, with bright yellow leaves. Usually the basal leaves will yellow first caused by root disease; overwatering; or pot-bound. Allow wet soil to dry out or try repotting.