• Quotes/Motivation

Rhanne Xx


I was in a rush and hurry because I'm late in my 7AM class. Along the pathway at the entrance, someone left a one peso coin (piso) at the floor. I don't even mind picking it. Why would I? I have enough money and that coin can't even buy me a biscuit. 

As I enter the class, a sudden group activity was given and we were given an hour to submit. We were obliged to contribute for the materials and I'm used to this kind of setup. I ate a ton during our lunch and snack due to the fact that I wasn't able to take my breakfast. 

And finally, the day at school went great. The bell rang and it was the time to go home. My house were too distant from our school so I had to take the bus everyday as my routine. I sat near the window, played some music and watched the rain pour at the glass. I am near our neighborhood and was about to pay when I realized that my money wasn't enough. It lacks a peso.

I wondered if I just picked the coin I saw earlier. I grinned and whispered in my head; 'Even small things matter'