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Effective Studying Habits for Your Online Class!

Sometimes, we just can't get ourselves into studying. And when the exam comes, we'll be cramming to put all the informations in our head as if we're just uploading a file on our device. But we all know that our minds aren't like memory cards to store  the knowledge all at once. So how can we retain the lessons we took up from our classes, especially in this online system? Moreover, how can we do it effectively?

As they said, learning is a process. Actually, there's no shortcut from learning unless you're a gifted genius. For normal people like us, it is important to give ourselves enough time to undergo that process. In studying, since our mind were far from how a high tech memory chip functions, we must take the process bit by bit. Every little step is still a foundation of progress anyway.

To help my fellow struggling students, I prepared a list of habits to study effectively that I hope will work for everyone!

1. Recap Everyday

      With many distractions around, it's hard to retain lessons we took after a busy day in online class. The virtual atmosphere isn't really as effective for many students. It's not just because   we've been really used with the traditional physical class but an interactive discussion done on actual experience have already been proven to be really an effective teaching method by studies. We tend be less stimulated with new learning system which means we have to put more effort on catching up. A very helpful advise to put ourselves on track of our lessons is to recap them before the day ends, everyday. Let's give our time maybe an hour before we sleep to have simple recall or review of the lessons we have on that specific day. It can also made our actual review for exams much easier because we tend to retain informations faster. It will also reflect how much we understand our lesson for that day.

2. Listen

I wouldn't be surprised if you would admit how you feel bored during your online class. It's just that I can't blame you cause you have all the reasons. Online class have a lot of learning barriers than we think. The choppy voice of the teacher. The noise Interferences. The signal loss interruption or might even be a sudden internet disconnection. If you have poor device, it's a struggle to follow what's shown in the screen. Either your screen is to small, or it's eye straining to look on it for too long, or poor connection won't allow you to see the image. However, as much as possible, we must listen very well on what's the teacher is saying. Aside from your teacher is giving much effort in discussing your lesson, being attentive even if you don't totally understands it will help you later on connect the dots of the information. When you try to figure out the lessons by yourself which you haven't understand, later on, those discussions will amazingly become an awesome realization. It's like, "Ohhh, that's what she mean by that awhile ago."

3. Jot down notes.

  I honestly think writing down notes is one of the most effective study habit we must develop. It stimulates our brain to analyze the keypoints of the topic being discussed. Like what the Learning Pyramid of Edgar Dale suggests, we tend to remember 70% of what we write and say. The rule of jotting down notes is simple, you don't have to everything that the speaker is saying. Just write a summary of it, or  important keywords that you can easily connect with the topic.

4. Screenshot examples.

   I have mentioned to write down only mostly important keywords when jotting down notes. However, it is also important to save examples let's say for a given equation problem, because it will help in an easy recall and understanding whenever you will have your actual review. But I don't you have to necessarily write it down too, you can just screen shot it cause mainly, we just tend to browse examples to stimulate our ideas.

5. Research.

 To better understand a topic, you must not only settle on what your teacher have discussed. You can also search further information about it because it's always better if we know our lessons by heart.

6. Demonstrate.

To demonstrate is to try something on your own, like for example on problem solving. Whenever the teacher explains how to solve for such equation, you can try to do it on your own too. It's getting yourself engaged to absorb the discussion thoroughly and it keeps you more motivated in listening.

7. Criticize.

Through criticizing what the speaker is talking about, we can enhance our critical thinking. It's not the criticizing wherein you're finding negativity and loopholes in the speaker and on his or her topic. It is analyzing deeply what the topic is all about and engaging yourself to agree or disagree on what the speaker is saying. Through criticizing, you can stir different opinions inside your head which can lead you come up with meaningful conclusions.

8. Explain.

One of the effective way to test your understanding of the topic or even to enhance your comprehension is to try also explaining what the speaker or your teacher is talking about to yourself. Explain it in your own words to connect with it better.

9. Advance reading.

Advance reading is always the best secret weapon in studying. It help you catch up easily with what the teacher is saying and who knows , there might be a freaking surprise quiz! You don't want to find yourself panicking, right?

10. Exercise, Drink Water and Sleep.

With all that outside factor habit, we must also give priority for our health. Taking care of our health is the inside factor habit we must develop. We cannot study if we're unwell. You cannot perform your best when you are sick. On the other hand, excercise, aside from preventing diseases, helps boost our brain functions as well as drinking water and getting enough sleep. It will help keep us active  and focus on what we are doing. This will prevent us from getting bored and distracted from the discussion and we will feel more engaging since our blood are lively circulating in our body.


Staysafe and Godbless everyone!💗 Hope you are all doing okay!


  • Heyluiiiii
    Oct 29, 2020 23:12
    This is very substantial. Thanks for sharing Kyungg.
  • Eduard
    Oct 25, 2020 18:26
    Thank you Kyungg for sharing this is really helps to those students who are having a hard time to cope with online class. Keep posting and inspiring.