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Drive Thru Crew

Since my family can't afford to send me to college, I decided to look for a job. And since I'm a student with no work experience, many companies rejected my application. Not until I got hired in one of the stores of Chowking, one of the known quick-service restaurants worldwide. I was positioned in Drive-Thru as an order taker, cashier, and assembler. It was an exciting job since I'll have to deal with customers personally, I need to multitask, and I have to ensure that every time I serve people, they get the quality service that they deserve and that they will be satisfied and happy with my work. My job taught me to be humble and respectful to others at all times even if they don't do the same to you. And as a working student, I learned to appreciate every peso that I earned which even motivated me to study hard. My first job isn't high paying as yours probably but everything that I experienced from it couldn't be bought. #MyfirstJob


  • Mark Arcel Letada
    Aug 14, 2020 18:22
    i feel you hahaha. kadalasan maraming tao kapag mid shift ka.
  • Kristine Mae Angeles
    Aug 11, 2020 16:58
    Thanks for inspiring! Promoting also my story entitled "Turn every weakness into greatness." We can also exchange views by viewing all my other stories and I'll do the same with you. Let's support each other!
  • Novie Jean Boston
    Aug 10, 2020 23:41
    Leave some comments guys. I'll be happy to read somešŸ„°