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Leander Agcaoili

Don't you listen to music

Have you ever imagined a world without music or ear entertainment? What would you think of human life before that? Too boring, huh? Oh, I don't think it's for people who find loneliness without music. In the meantime, even in the early era/early times, voice would have been the first and most natural means of expression in our distant ancestors; it used to link socially or comfort a sleepless child evidently.
I love music as it helps me to calm down, focus and rebuild myself. There were times when I felt lonely, but there was music. I used to listen to loud music inside my room, which still comforts me when boredom/sadness strikes.Not only did I use music when I was alone, but I also read books/review notes as it improves and strengthens learning, as well as my mood and attention, especially classical music of Mozart. Most of the time, I listen to music depending on my mood, e.g. beat music to clean the room or if I want to dance or do workouts.
Listening to music has different advantages. Music can increase our happiness having to admit it or not. Sometimes you even tap the table as a beat box or groove your feet as if you were going to dance. What's even more fun is that you've been anticipating the lyrics and ready to sing, but you've uttered the wrong lyrics (but nobody cares because you're happy that's what matters). More so, music reduces stress because the study shows that it has a direct effect on our hormones. If you listen to the music you enjoy, it lowers the levels of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) in your body, counteracting the effects of chronic stress. Did you know that stress is responsible for 60 percent of all illnesses and diseases.
I even use music to improve my sleeping habits by listening to calming music (e.g. humming and tweeting of birds, sound of pouring water.) Music can really help us in any case depending on the individual acceptance.
What I like most about music is that you just listen to your favorite songs, and you’re earning. Message me directly for the information.


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